Harness the power of video to boost productivity

West CorporateTube is a secure video portal for sharing knowledge across your enterprise.

Harness the power of video to boost productivity and reduce the cost of corporate communications and training. Create a compelling content experience through dynamic video programs without sacrificing centralised governance and administrative control. Employees are able to search and view as well as record and share content.

Implement West CorporateTube to…
  • Share your company’s knowledge base
  • Deliver training & education programs
  • Support customer & employee relations
  • Capture live events for future viewers
  • Archive important policies & practices
CorporateTube boosts organisational productivity by…
  • Fostering enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Affording easy integration with other enterprise applications
  • Supplying in-depth viewing analytics, including user reports
Discover and share videos

• Integrated social tools for commenting, rating and sharing

• Calls out related content, top videos, recent postings and playlists

• In-video search that skips to point of phrasing

Create and upload videos

• Configurable branding and color schemes

• Webcam recording with audio

• Capture tool for screencasting

• Presentation widget for synching slides or documents with audio

Full spectrum of playback capabilities

• Automatic device detection for mobile playback on iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry devices

• Multilingual captioning and hearing-impaired support

• Auto-play and auto-continue features

• Optimized playback through adaptive bitrate technology

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