Optimize your investment in live events

Digitize and syndicate an entire in-person event for live and on-demand access. Capturing what transpires in break-out sessions during live conferences, trade shows and seminars is challenging. Add the element of concurrent sessions and the challenge doubles.

Give your event perpetual shelf life with On Site Event Capture.

Digitally capture events from the “as if you were in the room” perspective. Run simulcasts, produce programs, and archive speakers and presentations for on-demand access. Syndicate content of all types – speakers, slides, videos – in real-time or for on-demand playback.

Extend the shelf life of…
  • Customer, Partner & User Conferences
  • Employee & Partner Education Sessions
  • Trade Shows & Industry Events
Run live feeds or curate content to support campaigns, programs and initiatives for…
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Training & Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications
On-Site Event Capture supports delivery to any internal or external portal including…

• West CorporateTube

• YouTube

• iTunes

• Intranet Portals

Extract more value from in-person events...

• Reach a broader audience with your content

• Drive thought leadership and awareness

• Maximize ROI of live events

Make your live and curated content accessible to hearing-impaired audiences.

Relay Conference Captioning – real-time text captioning for events

• Service by the same captionioning specalists that work in the live television broadcast industry

• Timely & accurate

• Integrates with all of our Digital Media Services platforms including Webcast Essentials, Webcast Pro, CorporateTube and Virtual Event platform

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