Create a virtual face-to-face experience with any audience from anywhere at any time on any device

When clarity counts, count on us to carry the conversation.

Whether meeting one-on-one or bringing remote teams together, Video Conferencing services enable you to reach audiences without the hassle and high cost of traveling.

  • Easy-to-use , easy-to-manage technology
  • Self-service to fully assisted options
  • Multi-channel capability from desktop to mobile
  • Scaled to need – from local to global
  • Integrated with tech, services & apps from premier partner
We’ll help you get started

Ammacus offers an extensive catalog of training options so you can quickly and easily begin hosting your online meetings and events.

From flexible, online seminars to customized, on-site sessions, our knowledgeable instructional design team has created sessions that teach you how to use our services and make the most of your investment.

For the many reasons to look them in the eye…

• Linking teams across departments, regions & oceans

• Showcasing products to the field

• Nurturing customer relationships

• Rallying sales teams

• Recruiting & retaining talent

For your specialized needs…

• Reservationless Video – an on-demand experience without sacrificing quality

• Worldwide Room Rental – a database of more than 9000 public video-conference rooms

• On-Site Production – experience in execution, expertise in the latest multimedia tech

• Managed Services — support from a trained video network operations center

• Equipment Purchasing – facilitating the best fit & highest satisfaction

For individual & small business…the BlueJeans Network.

• Affordable – video conferencing benefits at audio conferencing pricing

• Easy-to-Use – no new hardware or software

• Accessible – cloud-based & mobile

• Interoperable – works with any device or platform

• Award-Winning – a BlueJeans Network Partner of the Year

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