Voice, visual & virtual.

Conferencing & Collaboration solutions by Ammacus enhance enterprise audio, video & web interactions for greater productivity at lower cost.

Enable every member of your enterprise to reach any audience anywhere at any time from any place with solutions for conferencing services & collaboration tools that unify all modes of business communication

Boost your organization’s productivity, manage the cost of business communications

Ammacus’ Conferencing & Collaboration solutions provide every member of your organization with the means for reaching prospects, customers, partners and colleagues anywhere at any time from any place – in the office, at home or on the road.

Our conferencing and collaboration solutions allow you to unify all modes of business communication – voice, visual and virtual – into the best fit for your company culture, operational infrastructure and fiscal requirements.

From everyday meetings to worldwide events, we bring you a broad spectrum of products, services and tools incorporating the best technology from premier partners to match your needs and fuel your growth.

Audio Conferencing Services

Experience crisp connections on demand or by appointment via self-service or with support from event professionals.

Video Conferencing Services

Get quality & features for a virtual face-to-face experience with any audience without the time commitment and expense of travel.

Web Conferencing & Collaboration Tools

Enjoy virtual collaboration combining multimedia sharing & mobility on a scale from local to global.

Meeting Management Tools

Efficient technology delivers the monitoring, metrics and controls for optimizing the communications performance of policy, process & people.

Professional Services

A team of functional and technical specialists provide the services, support and training to lead you from implementation through adoption to continuing success.

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