Collect actionable insight to improve processes and increase success.

Respond Quickly to Changing Customer Behaviors

Are you seeing a surge in customers going through to certain teams at certain times? Is there a point in your contact flow where customers are dropping off more than others? You can spend less time looking for data and more time analyzing it with West cloud contact center solutions.

Using waypoint reporting and tag points, you can analyze stats and contact routes. No matter what your business goal is, waypoint tracking provides a greater understanding of where customers go in the contact flow so you can respond to changing customer behaviors in real-time.

Access Real-time Dashboards, and Displays

We understand how important real-time and historical reporting and performance metrics are to the successful operation of contact centers. Finding the right statistics can be the difference between meeting customer expectations or missing the mark entirely.

With data collected across a myriad of different points, just point and click to access both real-time and historical reporting over the web – anytime and anywhere. Our easy to configure, browser-based dashboards allow you to quickly access KPIs and team performance so that you can react fast.

Use Workforce Management in the Contact Center

Workforce management builds on historical data captured in the contact center solution to forecast demand so that you can:

  • Meet expected service levels consistently
  • Build agent schedules for maximum efficiency
  • Plan around holidays, training, or other special events that alter normal call patterns
Monitor Quality and Use Data to Train Agents

West contact center and call recording solutions ensure continuous improvement through the ability of supervisors to track agent and team performance:

  • Use silent listening or voice and screen recordings to coach agents on a specific call or randomly monitor calls for quality and training purposes
  • Whisper and barge in allow supervisors to discretely advise agents through a one-way audio channel to provide assistance during a call and escalate to become a full participant via 3-way conference with an agent and customer on the line
  • Conduct surveys to monitor customer satisfaction and fine tune processes
Leverage Support for Peace of Mind

West is deeply invested in the success of your contact center. Our dedicated team of professionals work as an extension of your in-house team to ensure a smooth deployment, optimize performance over time, and improve processes throughout the life of your contract. And as a cloud solution, West’s 24/7 support team proactively monitors systems to identify potential issues and resolve them quickly.

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