Deliver a personalized experience.

Taking the needs and behaviors of today’s customer in mind, West contact center solutions can help you deliver a customized experience, regardless of the channel. Leveraging cloud technology, you can route contacts intelligently and respond consistently across multiple interactions and channels with a personalized touch.

Incorporate Voice, Text, Web Chat and Social Media

Younger generations are increasingly snubbing telephone communication. The modern contact center needs to incorporate a multichannel strategy in order to succeed.

Improve customer interactions by offering a seamless experience across multiple channels – from initial outreach to resolution. You can also intelligently route customers by identifying keywords in text based conversations for more intelligent routing.

Flexibly Route Customers Using a Variety of Tools

Demographic based routing goes beyond using product or inquiry level data points, implement routing based on demographic and skillsets. You can even create global inbound numbers to give a local appearance in various regional markets, and route incoming calls based on locality for a personalized approach.

  • IVR and routing-enhanced call flows ensure inquiries get to the right place quickly, whether the customer needs an agent or can complete the transaction using self-service tools.
  • The graphical Contact Flow Editor allows you to identify, route, queue and treat your customers according to their needs. You can offer call backs during busy times, or even automatically dial a customer back if they hang up while in queue.

Combined with skills-based routing and dynamic agent scripting, flexible routing options help to drive down average handling times (AHT), increase agent productivity and transactions completed, and provide customers with the best possible experience.

Incorporate Data Directed Routing On-the-Fly

Adapt contact flows in real-time without the need to involve IT or incur costs. Data directed routing for your inbound contact center is based on data look-ups from the moment the customer initiates contact. If there’s no referenceable data in the CRM, request an account number or another piece of identifying information. Where they go from there is completely customizable and there are literally infinite possibilities.

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