Enhance the effectiveness of your contact center campaigns.

Research shows that 72 percent of customers consider switching to a competitor when agents who can’t adapt or understand their issues. Without the ability to deviate from scripts, agents run the risk of sounding robotic. This can be frustrating for customers and agent alike, resulting in inefficiencies and potentially lost business as call times increase and issues go unresolved.

Customize Interactions with Flexible Agent Scripting Tools

Dynamic scripting greatly enhances the effectiveness of your inbound, outbound and multichannel contact center campaigns, whether it’s simple step-by-step guides for straightforward inquiries or dynamic branching scripts that offer a range of options to walk customers through more complex inquiries.

  • Improve efficiency by pre-populating screen data based on previous responses
  • Automate email content based on script responses and integration with other business systems.
  • Quickly create logical call scripts and make instant adjustments with simple “drag and drop” scripting through an intuitive web interface
  • Easily run and evaluate A/B testing to increase effectiveness of scripts
Build More Personalized Relationships

Dynamic scripting pulls data from your CRM, adapting to the customer’s information so that your agent has the right prompts at hand at the right time, avoiding irrelevant or repeated questions that cause frustration.

No CRM? No problem. If you have limited or no CRM data at hand, use the built-in ‘mini CRM’ available with Cloud Contact Pro to store captured information as it’s entered.

Track and Monitor Your Customer Journey

Just as you assign waypoints in your contact flows, you can do the same in your dynamic scripts. Track conversation flow and monitor the data alongside what you’re seeing in the call flows to learn which parts of the script are performing well or identify potential sticking points and fix them.

With common sense and continuous assessment, dynamic call scripting guides agents through customer interactions and improves the overall customer experience.

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